You should refer to your Policy wording to establish precisely what is and is not covered. If the trip involves Winter Sports (activities that are normally undertaken on snow or ice, other than ice skating, travelling from one place to another on a form of public transport or dog sledding) then you must have a winter sports extension to your insurance. This will be shown on the schedule you receive when your election is confirmed. You cannot add the winter sports extension at a later date so if you believe you may need it then you should take it from the outset.

You should refer to the policy for details of any excluded activities. All of our insurances include cover for claims arising from cycling, scuba diving to at least 40 metres and trekking to a given altitude, usually at least 5,000 metres. Please secure a copy of the wording and check the exclusions before contacting us.

Winter sports includes skiing and snowboarding and allows you to undertake activities off-piste provided you do not go against local authoritative advice or act recklessly (i.e. with wilful disregard of safety).

If your planned activity is excluded then, in the first instance, we would recommend that you check with the activity organiser who may have already arranged for you to be insured at no extra cost. If you have no cover and wish to be insured for any activity excluded by your insurance, you can contact us by selecting the activity application option under the documents menu on the left side of this page. The insurers may agree to cover you but additional terms (most often an increased excess) may apply. The insurer is not under any obligation to accept your request. Please note that we cannot under any circumstances agree cover for activities on rock or ice that require the use of ropes and/or crampons for safety; nor can we cover parachute jumps, base jumping or paragliding.

The good news is however that where the activity is not excluded by the policy  then provided you take all reasonable precautions - i.e. those a reasonable prudent person would consider sensible, it will be covered.

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