Most pre-existing illnesses are covered as standard in our travel insurances.

The insurance specifically excludes claims arising from "the use of drugs not taken in accordance with the treatment prescribed and directed by a registered medical practitioner; the use of drugs to treat drug addition; anxiety or depression that was diagnosed before the trip was booked; suicide or wilfully self inflicted injury or illness.". Conditions that fall into any of the above categories cannot be covered.

Other than as above, you will find the details of the circumstances in which any other medical condition would be excluded in the full certificate wording available through your employer. We do not send the full wording from here as it is your employer's responsibility, as the policy holder, to do this. If you have difficulty locating this please contact your HR team.

The tests are intended to be straightforward and relate to the ill/injured persons state of health at the time of booking the trip, not travelling against your doctor's advice and not having a terminal prognosis. In some instances the insurance refers to 'In patient' This is defined in the insurance to refer to an an overnight admission to a hospital or nursing home. If you are unsure of the meaning of any undefined term you should consult your doctor whose assessment you can reasonably rely on. There is no need to secure any documentation prior to travelling.

We recommend that you ask your doctor whether your circumstances allow you to honestly conclude that the exclusions do not apply. Provided your decision is fair and supported by your doctor  then claims within the normal terms will be accepted and there is no need to contact us.  CSP staff cannot definitively confirm whether claims arising from a pre-existing medical condition are covered. This is because a full review of the patient's medical records is required to reach a conclusion. The tests in the policy however are factual so in conjunction with the patient's doctors you will be able to to decide whether they apply.

Provided the illness is not excluded and you are not booking or travelling against the advice of your doctor, who you should consult if in doubt, then you are covered.

If your condition is excluded then you should purchase alternative cover. The following option is amongst many available to you on line.

We cannot generally agree to waive exclusions on the policy but if you have any enquiry in this respect you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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