A 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit areas of Greece and Turkey on Friday 21 July 2017.

Customers affected by this event should contact the claims handlers listed in their policy documents and refer to the FCO website for the latest travel advice.

A summary of the policy cover is as follows:

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Customers who are heading to regions affected by the Zika virus should consider FCO advice.

Where the FCO advise caution but do not advise against all, or all but essential, travel and alternative arrangements have been offered, there is no cover under this insurance for cancellation costs or additional cost of travel.

Clients who have not been offered alternative arrangements, are pregnant or planning to become pregnant and have been advised by their GP / health professional that they should not travel due to the risks should contact their claims handler to discuss whether a claim can be accepted. Details of where to find details of your claims handler can be found here.




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